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Evnetics RailDrive

Raildrive is used to convert traditional switching locomotives to single (or dual) 600HP Genset.  This significantly reduces fuel usage and emissions while maximizing tractive effort at low speeds.  Raildrives are currently used in industrial in-plant and commercial yard switching applications.


Who we are

In 2009 Evnetics released their Soliton line of DC motor controllers after one year of intense development.  Evnetics applied the state of the art power electronics design and turned the once sleepy electric car conversion market – which had otherwise been ruled by augmented “golf cart” technology – upside down.

What we do

Evnetics brings intelligently designed, state-of-the-art products to market.  Through our easy-to-install systems, which are featue-rich, we help our clients achieve their design goals while reducing their costs.



Through our highly skilled design team we can help you achieve your business needs in the world of power electronics.  Contact us today to begin a conversation that could improve your company’s core business.