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Evnetics RailDrive

Raildrive is used to convert traditional switching locomotives to single (or dual) 600HP Genset.  This significantly reduces fuel usage and emissions while maximizing tractive effort at low speeds.  Raildrives are currently used in industrial in-plant and commercial yard switching applications.



The Evnetics RailDrive greatly improves effeciency.

The Evnetics RailDrive uses cutting edge technology that safely keeps your locomotive running at peak efficiency.

The Evnetics RailDrive is rugged and feature-rich.


Evnetics designs and manufactures cutting edge power electronics.
We use a customer centric approach and provide a highly refined finished product.
No project is too small or too big.



Evnetics has successfully demonstrated a prototype plasma arc power supply to replace a well-established commercially available product.  Consult our innovative design team to custom build a prototype to fit your application.