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EV-Blue uses our Soliton 1!

EV-Blue, in Walton Kansas, has bee doing conversions for many years.  Wayne Alexander has been considered a pioneer, by many, in the field of electric vehicle conversions.  He regularly uses our products in his conversions to products some very excellent builds.  He had this to say about the build:


This tug is an American Coleman, there out of business now.  I used:

  • a Netgain WarP 11 motor
  • Soliton 1 controller
  • 24 x 6 volt lead /acid batteries

I made the adaptor plate and coupler for the allison transmission. The transfer case for 4×4 drive is 3:1 in low the front and rear differentials are 6.5:1 ratio, it pulls real easy. The truck has hydraulic steering and brakes, so I had to make a belt drive for the Hydraulic pump, and the alternator.

ev-blue-tug-1 ev-blue-tug-soliton-1 ev-blue-tug-3 ev-blue-tug-4