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Important Safety Notice from EVnetics LLC

1. Short cycling warning:  Rapidly turning the ignition on/off/on before the controller has had a chance to discharge its capacitors completely may result in controller damage.  As a rule of thumb, waiting 3 seconds is sufficient (or 10 seconds for Shiva).

 2. Abnormal behavior.  If you think that your controller is behaving abnormally, no matter how intermittent a fault can be, please report it immediately to Evnetics at “”.  We are happy to assist you diagnose any problem you may have, no matter how small.  If a defect is found with the controller, it is often much easier to rectify it early on, don’t wait!

 Please take the time to register your controller with us, so that we can reach you more effectively.  You can do this here:

 Thank you for your continued support.

The Evnetics Team